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20 June
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Date Created:06/09/2004
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My name is Alisa. I'm 16, and I save the world everyday.
Likes: My friends, the bridge, diet Coke, Johnny Depp, summer, roller coasters, rain, sleep, Rockadoodle(lol)
Dislikes: confrontation, Michael Peregrim, being sad, when my friends are sad, 5'th period, the fact that Friends is over, giant moths(hehe Jolie)
Special Skills: I have 5 smiles...lol Colleen
Weapons: The power to melt, telekinesis, and my amazing ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Allies: Only Jolie Youshock lol... Sorry everyone else... you're just not cool enough. ;) Well except maybe Colleen. I suppose you can be one of my allies as well. But that's it NO MORE! lol.

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