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Awaiting school... in 5 hours...   
01:58am 31/08/2004
mood: predatory
"This is Jolie. I'm cool. I'm updating Alisa's journal because, sadly, her internet connection is temporarily not connected. She will be back Sept. 3, so you can all breathe. Now write anything you want!" - Alisa

Alisa smells like bar-b-q sauce. She hunts freshmen. Tomorrow she will, illegally. And then, she will illegally eat some Chaplin food, after we go to Chaplin's! She hopes they have free Diet Coke at the school tomorrow. Today, our plan was to stay up all night on the phone, before we had to get ready for school. We will blame Mike for this, because he is a very bad kid, who is going to watch Full House in a little while. Alisa want's a drink, but she doesn't wanna go to the bathroom. And everyone teases her cause she has a weak bladder. I'm sorry, cause it makes her sad... :(

One day she had to pee so bad, like she never had to pee that bad before, and then she peed and it was sooo good! Alisa is cooooooool.

Right now, she's watching Roseanne, and waiting for it to be 3:05 AM, so SHE(BM) gets ME. And Alisa was telling me what to write and how to write it but I didn't understand so I hope that's right. AND SHE'S AFRAID OF BLOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDYYYYYY MAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
Drink with me...
01:15pm 25/06/2004
Drink with me...
11:51am 11/06/2004
You're Jean Valjean, a criminal turned saint.

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Power Rangers Movie!

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You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
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haha good
Drink with me...